Fins to the left.

The afternoon DJ on the big Philly rock station (WMMR) plays stuff from his iPod every day around 4 or so. It’s called “Jackson’s iPod” and he plays a lot of stuff you wouldn’t normally hear on that station.

Color me surprised when he played Fins today.

Butter shares a birthday with someone who’s been important to me since I met him in biology in 2000. My friend Brandon, like me, is an only child. I don’t know if that’s why we shared a lot of interests, but we bonded over listening to our bio teacher talk about her horses, Punnett squares [which is legitimately the only thing I actually remember learning in biology], and a mutual love for M*A*S*H and Jimmy Buffett.

Funny story – Brandon’s mom once allowed me to borrow their VHS copy of the M*A*S*H movie. He said she kept in a safe, and was very impressed when I sent a thank you card to her for lending it to me. To this day, I stink at sending thank yous to pretty  much everyone, but that’s one I’m quite proud of.

[Still with  me? I swear I have a point.]

M has a Buffett tattoo, which I think is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I have a Phillies jersey that says Mistah Utley on the back of it. [If you don’t get that reference, please go listen to Volcano. I’m still looking for a patch for my jersey so I can stop explaining it to people who just don’t get it.] This year, M’s birthday party will likely have a Pirate Looks at 40 theme.

Yeah, we’re fans.

I got so excited one day when we were in the car and I could teach Butter the motions to Fins. He still gets his left and right mixed up, but it’s adorable and he usually asks us, “Let’s try it again!” when the song is over. We’re seriously thinking about taking him tailgating with our friends this year. We have satellite radio, so we could go have fun then go home while listening to the concert.

I’m kind of proud to be raising a little Parrothead.

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