Butter Loves His ‘Natic

We started him early.

I wanted to wake him up the night the Phillies won the 2008 World Series, but then I realized that wasn’t such a hot idea. And anyway, he’ll be able to hear what Harry said that night, because my in laws bought me the Voice of the Phillies CD for Christmas this past year.

Somewhere around here, there is a photo of Butter sitting next to a newspaper from the first day of that World Series.


From the very beginning, he’s looooooved the Phanatic. Only he called the Phanatic, ‘Natic. And it was adorable. He even took possession of the Build-A-Bear stuffed Phanatic I got for Easter the year before he was born. In fact, he still sleeps with it every night. So this past year, we got him a Phanatic pillow pet. Remember when Butter was sick? We ended up having to replace the thing, but it was well worth it. He adores it. He sleeps with it every night. Twice the ‘Natics, right?

He loves the ‘Natic books. He loves seeing the ‘Natic on TV. He loves the ‘Natic figurines we have around the house. He even loves his ‘Natic underwear.

I think it’s safe to say one of our son’s first loves is a MLB mascot.

And we’re totally okay with that.

[By the way. Butter totally gave me the subject for this post. How cute is he?]

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