My kids are finally getting to the point where they’re cute when they play together.

At first, Butter was dead set on stealing his brother’s toys. Finally, M convinced him that it’s better to take his own toy to where Little Bear is playing and playing with his brother. Ideally, it would work all the time. In reality, it doesn’t, but we’re working on it.

But I can’t say this enough – Butter is amazing with Little Bear. He’s incredibly gentle for a kid who is rough and tumble with both me and M, he talks to the baby when he cries and tells him, “It okay, Little Bear,” and I can see in Butter’s eyes that he’s just dying for the minute I told tell him to be careful around his brother, that the baby can easily be hurt, and he’ll be able to play as roughly as he likes.

Not even going to lie, I’ve said more than once, “You can’t hit Little Bear until he can hit you back.” I’m well aware this makes me Mother of the Year. I’m also not stupid. I have two boys, and boys fight. I anticipate many broken things in my house. I also think it’s a good idea to lower our home insurance deductible to about $2 for the duration of their teenage years. Do you think our insurance agent will agree to that?

I didn’t think so.

They really are adorable together, though. No one can make Little Bear laugh harder than Butter. As a matter of fact, the first time any of us ever heard Little Bear laugh out loud was at some ridiculous thing Butter did. LB cracks smiles faster for Butter than any of the rest of the people he sees on a regular basis, and just generally looks up to his big brother.

I really love watching their relationship develop. When I see Little Bear smile at Butter, or Butter do something intentional to make Little Bear laugh, my heart melts.

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  1. While Isaac doesn’t have a brother to do this with him, he does have two boy cousins. And I find it hilarious when his oldest cousin (our own Little Bear) will walk up to him, hook his cheeks with his fingers and pull them back as far as he can while sticking out his tongue. He just wants to get a laugh out of Isaac.

    Here’s to your two having a tight relationship for their while life.

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