It’s no secret that moms are exhausted 98.785% of the time. [Aren’t 70% of statistics made up on the spot anyway? Hush.]

I feel like that’s entirely to blame for the fact that I had this awesome thing I wanted to blog about yesterday. This Thing was something no other blogger has written about [that I know of] & I was so excited about This Thing.

And now, I cannot remember what That Thing was.

I do know it had nothing to do with BlogHer. Or the fact that I assume I’m never going to go because hi, my name is Trinity, & I  have social anxiety. [Hiiiiiii, Trinity!]

It might have been about school supplies. Do you know lucky I feel about the knowledge that probably a quarter of the things Butter needs for Kindergarten can already be found in our house? Baby wipes [duh, because Bear does not feel the need to ever potty train & can someone please give me a list of colleges that will accept him in diapers?], gallon sized Ziplock bags, etc.

It might have been about my business trip at the beginning of the week. Because it’s awesome when going to a hotel 45 minutes from your home takes five hours. I am most certainly NOT making that up. I spoke to my dad about 40 minutes into my trip & had only been stuck for about 10 minutes, less than 10 miles from the hotel. From that point, it took me another 4+ hours to go the final 10 miles.

It might have been about how my husband is starting his Kickstarter campaign next week & I’m kind of shaking in my boots. Not because I don’t think he’ll get the funding he wants [he’s trying to raise money to buy a food truck & he has an awesome business model], but because [and I really love my husband, so please don’t doubt that] I’m kind of, sort of over the entire thing. I know it will all work out the way it’s supposed to in the end, but still.

In the end, I know I’ve made this complaint already. I know when I think of something I want to write about, I should open my WordPress app & start typing notes to myself. Maybe I’ll do that.

But probably not.

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