Afraid of His Shadow

I need help.

Lately, Butter has been telling me he doesn’t want to go potty in the powder room when it’s dark. He says it’s scary. So even though he wants to be independent and tells me he can do it all by himself [he knows where the appropriate light switches are and can reach them], he asks me to go with him to turn the lights on. I don’t mind at all. Little Bear is usually content to play for a few minutes on the floor while I help Butter out.

But there are times [like last night] when Butter needs to go potty and needs a bit of extra help while Little Bear is doing something like drinking a bottle before bed time. So LB cried for a few minutes last night. When it came time to do his shower and bed time last night, I asked him to go potty one more time before he crawled in to bed. He told me he didn’t like the shadows and it finally clicked.

He’s not afraid of the dark, he’s afraid of the shadows on the walls. I had to do some quick thinking and turned off all the lights so the shadows went away. We cuddled up in my bed and talked for a little, then he wrapped himself up a blanket and my arms [he wasn’t very cuddly before our talk] and fellĀ  fast asleep in under five minutes. I carried him to bed, tinkered online and was asleep myself before 11.

M had to have taken Butter potty when he got home [he usually does] and I know he put him back to bed. When my alarm went off at 5 [which I promptly turned off because I slept for crap], I noticed a little boy on the floor next to my bed. I thought I was seeing things. I wasn’t. Finally, around 6:30, Butter climbed in to bed with me. Upon questioning, he said LB woke him up, but neither of us heard him last night, so while it’s possible, it’s not very probable.

I don’t know whether he woke up, saw the shadow cast by his night light and came into our room, or what. And I don’t exactly know how to handle this. What do I tell him? How to I quell his fears? Has anyone else gone through this and come out on the other side?

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