What could be more exhausting?

I never thought that there could be anything more exhausting than being pregnant. I wonder now how I could have been so naive.

Thing number one that is more exhausting than being pregnant – actually having a child. I still have no idea how I survived the first oh, three months of motherhood. I started out trying to breastfeed & we were literally up every two hours. I tried that whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing during the day & completely failed at it, because Butter had “Mommy wants to rest” radar. I’d get him sleepy, lay him down, start to get comfortable on the couch & then he’d wake up crying to be changed, to eat or to just be held. I probably got around 3 hours of sleep a day for the first month. On the plus side, I got to see Michael Phelps win almost all of his medals live. And not because I set alarms to get up or anything, just because the baby was up eating.

Thing number two that is more exhausting than being pregnant – having a mobile child. The second Butter was able to scoot around, all things changed. When he started crawling, all bets were off. And when he discovered he was able to climb stairs? Finding a way to block them off before we bought gates was a challenge. He’s so fast. The other morning, I put him down at his activity table & turned around to put the gate up at the stairs. Before I could turn around from doing that, he was already in the kitchen. I sat him down in the laundry room this afternoon when we got home so that I could turn off our alarm & put down my bags & he was out the door & halfway down the foyer before I entered the last digit of the code. All this while he was “tired,” too. He’d just woken up from a car nap & was ready for bed & was still that fast. I have no idea what I’m going to do when he starts walking… and my gut tells me that’s going to happen in the next few weeks, because he’ll walk along beside us if we hold just one hand & today he was just balancing himself on his grandfather’s leg while he walked around their kitchen.

Thing number three that is more exhausting than being pregnant? Well I’ll get back to you on that. I’m sure it involves a toddler who can walk run. My feeling is that Butter’s not going to walk, he’s going to run circles around me & laugh about it, because he already laughs at me when he bests me in something. He thinks it’s hilarious to reach for the laptop if I have it. He usually ends up giving me five instead of actually touching the computer, but he laughs right away & reaches for it again. He also laughs at me whenever I actually pick up whatever it is that he throws to the floor from his highchair.

See? He gets into everything.

4 Replies to “What could be more exhausting?”

  1. What about yesterday when I walked outside to tell Bruce lunch was ready, and when I came back in…seconds later…Deacon had gone down the steps into the great room and was smiling up at me as he came up the foyer steps. Yes, he is FAST…and adventurous! And we all love him for it.

  2. Somehow my mother had 4 children under the age of 6 at one time. I don't know how she didn't put us on a train one day never to be heard from again.I suppose a more tiring thing would be being pregnant and having a toddler at the same time. So tiring that I am terrified to try it… for now…

  3. you have the cutest little boy! I was so lucky with Ruby sleeping so much in the beginning, but now that she is crawling, I get nothing done but chasing her..and she's not even fast, yet.

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