Uh… Oops?

Once again, I fail at updating the blog. Give me a break, life ain’t all honey & roses with a two month old. 😉

Butter turned two months old on Wednesday. It’s amazing how much the munchkin has changed from when he was born [and when he went on the Zantac]. My amazing boy is currently playing with a new toy that we got for him last night. It’s a floor gym that has a panel he can kick to make the part he looks up at light up. Sounds more complicated than it is, and I promise to take a picture to post soon.

Speaking of pictures, this is the result of Butter’s Pop [Husband prefers Pop over Dad or Daddy] taking the evening & night time feedings:

That’s what I came downstairs to one morning last weekend. And twice in the last week, Husband came home to this:

By the way… blogging with one hand is not as easy as it sounds. And while I’d love to finish this, Butter is not enjoying spending time with his Pop. He’s doing his “I want my mommy!” cry. It’s kind of cute….

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