Officially on the move!

Butter started crawling forward today. Pop clapped, Mommy cried. He also ate his very first Girl Scout cookie [I gave him a Trefoil, one of the shortbread ones]. He thoroughly enjoyed it! I didn’t expect him to eat the whole thing, but he ate most of it. I thought it was all gone… Until I stepped in part of it on the kitchen floor!

Weekends are what I live for. I get to spend time with my boys & relax. Husband’s been working the past two weekends [and will probably continue to do so for the next couple of weeks], so Saturdays & Sundays are Mommy & Butter time. We usually take a good nap together, we play & we’ll hopefully be able to have some play dates as the weather gets nicer. Butter starts swimming lessons on Wednesday & we’re so excited. Last night in the bath, we tested out his reaction to water over his face by pouring some on his head & letting it get in his eyes. Instead of crying like someone would expect, he looked at us & giggled! He got on all fours at the end of the bath, then started to lay down to kick his feet on his belly like he does on the floor sometimes & as soon as his face hit the water, he lifted right back up. We can’t wait to see his reaction to the lessons. I’ll be sure to take pictures to post. 🙂

Hope everyone had a good weekend & that the week ahead is a good one, too!

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