Let’s take a trip, shall we?

I have another confession to make.

Are you ready?

I sure hope so, because it’s a doozy…..

Here I go [here I go, here I go again. 😉 Who gets the reference?]…

For the last week or so? I’ve been stuck in Boy Band Land.

Hush. It’s not that funny. And at least I didn’t go to a concert That Shall Not Be Named. [Truth to be told, I had a great time reading tweets from the ladies who were at the concert. Apparently Day Glo is making a comeback. Don’t believe me? Click that link & look at the pictures.]

Boy Band Land is a wonderful place of sugary pop songs, guys who were supposed to be the fantasy of teenage girls everywhere & well… Jordan Knight vs. Nick Carter vs. Justin Timberlake. I wish I were lying.

I went through phases in my life, much like any other girl. I was definitely going to marry Jordan Knight. In 1990, when he was 20 & I was 6. And then, I was going to marry Brian Littrell [HA! You thought I was a Nick Carter fan, didn’t you?!] in 1996 when he was 21 & I was 12. Then… then I set my sights on Lance Bass. Didn’t matter that deep down, I knew he’d come out one day. And there were generally daggers in my eyes when I thought about Justin Timberlake though after tweeting with one of my friends today, I’m not sure what the heck I was thinking.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. There’s a lot of stress going on in my life & I just needed to chill out & listen to music that didn’t do anything else for me than make me laugh or smile. I’m sure Husband was shocked when he got in the van the other day & discovered N SYNC’s first CD. Go listen to Giddy Up with a straight face. I dare you. No, he wasn’t that surprised. I told him exactly why I’d been listening to it, too.

Boy Band Land is one of my happy places, for all of the reasons that I’ve already mentioned. You be honest with me & tell me that hearing a song that says over & over “Hangin’ tough, Hangin’ tough. We’re rough!” doesn’t make you smile even the littlest bit. It doesn’t hurt that the upbeat nature of the songs gets Butter dancing, either. That kid sure can Tear Up Mommy’s Heart. [Bad joke? Yeah, bad joke.]

Other things that don’t hurt about Boy Band Land? This. This is my favorite Christmas song, sung in a beautiful 5 part harmony. If you listen to that & it doesn’t move you in some way, then there’s just nothing that I can do for you. [Plus the leather pants don’t hurt.] Need more proof? Click here. [Let it load & then start it at around 2:50. It’s worth it, I promise.]

I’ve never said that I’m not a dork. If I hadn’t been hugely pregnant or a brand new Mama when NKOTB was in Philadelphia, I’d have gone. No joke. I don’t know that I’d pay to see the Backstreet Boys, but if N SYNC ever gets back together? I’m so there. [Who wants to be my date, because my husband sure as heck isn’t going with me. I know him far too well.]

So… If you need me? I’ll probably be vacationing in Boy Band Land for a few more days. I can’t help but smile when I’m here. I hope you can, too [even if it’s to tease me without mercy].

6 Replies to “Let’s take a trip, shall we?”

  1. Oh, I am almost constantly vacationing in boy band land. The first tape I owned was NKOTB, and I was obsessed with Hanson (I know, I know…but I was in 2nd grade!), NSync and BSB. I still listen to the 98 degrees and NSync Christmas albums EVERY Christmas.

  2. I will go see NSYNC with you. Mmmm… I loveeee them. Hot, hot, hot. Enjoy your time in Boy Band Land, and keep tweeting SAXY pictures for me to look at!

  3. Mine is one of the original boy bands, the boys from Liverpool. I blame my mom for that one. My sister liked NKOTB so of course, I could not. I keep clicking to follow your blog and it keeps kicking me out! What gives?

  4. Holy crap are you young. You damn whippersnappers.BTW, I'll go. Just don't tell anyone that I'm at N*Sync with you. 😉

  5. I've never commented on your blog, but this post spoke to me! I will be on a plane immediately if *nsync ever announces a reunion concert. I was a Lance fan too! And, I knew which Christmas song you were talking about before I even clicked the you tube link. Now I'll have to listen to the No Strings Attached CD that is in my car on the way home. 🙂

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