I’m sheepish.

It’s rather embarrassing to read your friend’s blogs, then see all of the blogs that they read on a regular basis & realize that you’re at the bottom. Whoops. I hope that you’ll all forgive me.

Things are going well around here. Butter is growing like a weed! We had his four month check up today – he’s 27.25 inches long & 17lbs 4.5oz. Husband isn’t joking when he says that Butter will be taller than me very, very soon. 😉 I don’t know how many moms read my blog [most of you, I assume], but I just have to point something out. Baby laughter is the best thing. No matter how bad things seem, as soon as Butter crinkles up his nose, smiles & starts his belly laugh? Everything is cool. He’s starting to learn cause/effect. I’ll hold my hands above him while he’s on the floor & make tickling motions. My ticklish little boy will start giggling up a storm before I even touch him! He also knows exactly what his bottle is & watch out if you get in between him & food!

Butter’s pediatrician gave us the okay to start him on some solid food. Where has the time gone?! Because of his reflux, we’ve been giving him a bit of oatmeal from a spoon around dinner time. He does so well with the spoon! The second time we tried it, I learned very quickly that I wasn’t moving fast enough for him – he yelled at me, but smiled & laughed when I gave him his food. He’s also learned to blow raspberries at us. Very cute, but not so much when he’s got a mouth full of oatmeal. His silly Mommy couldn’t stop laughing at him though, so he just kept doing it. Whoops!

We are so lucky that we have Butter in our lives. Now that we have the reflux under control, he is just such a happy baby. He’s doing very well with sleeping [I won’t say how well as I don’t want to jinx us!] & when he wakes up in the morning, he’s very rarely upset or demanding of his breakfast. We’re lucky – he wakes us up by talking to his mobile & the toys in his room. The second he sees us standing in the doorway, his little face lights up & he gives us the biggest smile.

Since I’ve been so bad about updating, I’ll give you a few extra pictures this time. Fair deal? 😉

Playing with some potato starch while Pop cooked dinner:

Early one morning, right after breakfast:

Getting ready to leave. [I’ll be honest, I’m shocked he didn’t scream when I put the hat on him.]

His favorite place in the world – his Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo:

The “Napless Wonder” as I sometimes call him, played a little too hard one day:

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  1. He is so cute, and I’m so glad things are going so well for you guys! I know what you mean about the sleeping – I feel like as soon as I start bragging about how good Michael sleeps, he’ll stop 🙂

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