Hooray for full term!

As of Sunday, July 6, I am officially “full term” & Foo is welcome to make is appearance any time he likes. We’ve had a talk & he knows that it’s okay to come if he wants to [I doubt he was listening though], but we’re also okay with it if he wants to stay in there a little longer.

People are asking me why I’m not going crazy being pregnant. Oh, I am. Trust me. I am very interested in meeting my little boy. But I also understand that only he knows when he’s going to come & that’s okay, too. I feel pretty lucky – I’m not too miserable on most days. Yes, I’m tired. I have constant heartburn. My feet hurt from being swollen. But I sleep pretty well most nights. I’m still working [in fact today, I’m working extra hours as my coworker isn’t feeling so hot & needed to go home]. I’m not doing a ton around the house, but that’s partially because Husband & my dad won’t really let me. And I think I’m going to miss feeling all the fun baby kicks from the inside.

Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂

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  1. You have a fabulous attitude – I’ve been miserable these last couple of weeks 🙂 Hang in there – not too much longer!!

  2. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me I gave her the worst heartburn ever. Then again, she probably had it worse because she was 40 when she had me. My mom blames me for keeping her up at night, lol. Apparently I was a kicker. Well girl, he’s almost here! Wow, it seems like its gone by so fast! I know it probably doesn’t seem that way to you though…Can’t WAIT to see pictures!!! 🙂

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