Butter’s first trip to the “beach”

I put it in quotes because the beach that we went to is actually on the Chesapeake Bay. We went to Virginia this past weekend for a wedding & made sure to take Butter out on the beach behind my old house.


He hates those sunglasses. Full on screamed when we put them on. The only reason he’s not crying here is because he was trying to hide from the wind.


“Um, Pop? What is this crap between my toes?”


Pretty view on the way home. I think we were on Route 1 when I took this picture.


And for the record, Butter would like you to know that the ALCS bores him. He doesn’t care which team is going to lose to the Phillies in the World Series. 😉

He was, I think, the star of the wedding. We feel a little bad for the bride. At our last estimate, there is no way anyone but the bride had their picture taken as many times on Friday night as Butter did. He has no idea, though. The little bugger slept through the whole thing. Even the bride’s father – who is a pediatrician – was impressed. Mom & Pop later that night at the hotel? Not so much.

Hope everyone has a Happy Columbus Day!

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  1. I chuckled when I read about your trip to the “beach” I remember hanging out there with you and Comet…oh how I miss that dog… AND YOU OF COURSE, LOL.

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