But I already showered today!

We had our second baby shower today [technically yesterday]. It was absolutely incredible. I can’t get over how beyond generous our friends & family are!! Just seeing everyone was enough to help me forget for a few hours that I had a migraine [it has since gone away, thank goodness!]. We have several friends & family who went way overboard, but we appreciate them & thank them.

Foo wants to say hello to everyone. He’s currently wide awake in there & kicking away at the laptop. I guess he doesn’t care much for it.

On Saturday, Husband & I finished our Hypnobirthing class. It was a wonderful experience & I’m looking forward to a natural childbirth. Husband’s been wonderful about the whole thing. He was interested, asked questions & has been more than willing to help me practice the techniques that we’ve learned.

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures from the shower to upload soon. For now, I think I’m going to give bed another shot. I went to bed around 10, but after doing our relaxation CD my mind kept racing with thoughts of “You could be doing this, this or this. These things are more productive than just laying in bed. Go do them.” Nesting has begun….


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