Blog, the first.

It seems very popular amongst my friends these days to have a blog, so I figured “What the heck?” Let’s hope I update this thing more frequently than I do the family web page I set up over a year ago. In my defense, I’ve long since forgotten the password I used for that website.

So. Introductions. If you’re reading this, you must know something about us. Otherwise, I’m not quite sure how you’ve found us. I’m MamaPhan, my husband is Husband & we are currently awaiting the arrival of “Baby Foo” sometime in late July. Foo is a little boy & quite the show off. Unfortunately, he didn’t show off enough for his daddy, so Husband’s going on my word & the word of the ultrasound technician that Foo’s a boy. Why Foo? Apparently my kid likes loves the Foo Fighters. We saw them in concert recently & he danced & danced. He still dances if they come on the radio & it’s turned loud enough for him to hear it. Crazy kid already. What can I say, I’m blessed. And yes, Foo has a real name. We’ve chosen not to share it until he makes his grand entrance into the world.

We’re trying to do this whole child birthing thing naturally. Or rather, I am. Husband is 100% behind me & has been really supportive. I’m lucky to have that in my life & I try not to take it for granted.

The story behind the name of the blog? We’re Phillies fans. Poor Foo doesn’t have a chance. Totally kidding. As long as he doesn’t decide at five that he’s the world’s largest Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/Marlins fan, we’ll support him. He has no choice about his football team though. He’s going to bleed Steelers black & gold just like his mommy. 🙂 Foo’s daddy isn’t a Steelers fan, he’s a Minnesota Vikings fan. Really quite harmless.

Cross your fingers that I update often enough for everyone. If I don’t, I give you permission to shank me [you know who you are ;)].

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  1. Very cool. Blogging has become my outlet lately. I guess myspace is considered a blog but it’s not the same. Hey…can he be a Braves fan? LOL Nah…if anything he needs to be a college basketball fan and he needs to be CAROLINA TAR HEEL!!!!! I’m obsessed with Tyler Hansbrough…so freaking hot. I think I have to use our infamous “doubledrool” HAHA

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