Almost there…

So my EDD is this Sunday. Foo has decided to play games with me recently. I’ve had some contractions here & there [and they even got to the point where I could time them once!], but nothing real. My last scheduled appointment with the doctor is tomorrow. There is talk of inducing because of my blood pressure & edema. I really, really don’t want to be induced, but if it’s what’s best for Foo, I’ll do it. I just hope that I can still use the Hypnobirthing to get through it.

In other news, Husband’s ankle seems to be healing well. He’s working every day with the brace on, but doing a lot of stuff around the house without it on. Right now, he’s helping our friend cut some trees that blew down in a storm the other night.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m going to go work on Foo’s room.

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  1. I’ve known mothers manage an induced labour with hypnobirthing, but, for a procedure that you any doubts about at all, always read it up and get an independent opinion before you agree to it.Best wishesKatharine GravesKatharine Graves is a hypnobirthing teacher in London

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