Ahh…ahh… CHOO!

I have no idea how people live far away from their families. I say this because at the moment, Butter is at his Grandma & Grandpa’s house, most likely getting his night time bottle & getting ready for bed. Husband & I are absolutely down for the count with a nasty cold [that we’re fairly certain Butter gave to us in the first place]. Since we decided that it would not be wise for both of Butter’s parents to take NyQuil & try to sleep this off at the same time when he’s still getting up once a night sometimes, we asked Husband’s parents to keep Butter tonight. A selfish reason to be sure, but to be honest we don’t want him getting sick either. This really is absolutely no fun & the sooner it goes away, the better.

As most of you know [and how could you not, what with the header], we are Phillies fans. We’re also baseball fans. Husband & I have had a lot of conversations about the players who are being named in steroid scandals lately & we’re disappointed. At the same time, we’re happy that this is happening now & are hoping that by the time Butter has a favorite player, steroids will be a thing of the past. We’re angry that one of our relief pitchers has been suspended for 50 games for using something that he bought over the counter at GNC [the public can take it, but a baseball player can’t even though he made sure to ask his trainers about it before taking it?], but we’ll learn to live. Things like this could very well ruin the game of baseball & that’s not fun. We want to raise our son to be a fan of the game, not just the Phillies. Players who cheat are not something we want him to be raised with, because we never want him to think it’s okay to cheat at anything. [Coldplay? Coldplay?]

With that, I’m going to return to my blanket & tissues. A bath is in my near future, but so is food. Stay healthy!

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