A week is a long time…

We’ve had an interesting few days in the Phanatic household. After my accident, I was hoping things would stay calm until Foo makes his debut. My hopes were not to be realized. 🙁

Last Wednesday, Husband came home from work & planted a tree outside of the house. It’s pretty & we’re planning on taking a picture of me standing next to it, then we’ll take pictures of Foo next to it as they grow up together at our current home [I know, we’re dorks]. Afterwards, Husband wanted to let some of the sweat dry before he came inside, so he started shooting baskets with our neighbor. Neighbor asked if Husband could dunk on the basket. Of course he could! I didn’t see exactly what happened, but my dad said it was pretty funny – Husband ran up to the basket, jumped, did his dunk & landed on the side of his foot.


All of that led to a trip to the emergency room. I have to say, I’m impressed with the staff. I got out of Husbands’s truck to find someone to put him in a wheel chair [since it took the help of my dad to get from the neighbor’s driveway to our front steps] & the staff was right out front waiting to help. Of course, at 35 weeks pregnant they assumed we were there for me. Don’t ask me why I would have been driving had we been there for me [and completely ignore the fact that I basically know to go straight to L&D at the hospital these days, do not pass Go, do not collect $200]. So they load him up in a wheel chair & I go off to park the truck. I’d say that all told, we were there for under two hours. Got in, got triaged, got X-Rayed, & finally were seen by a PA who said there was no break, just a bad sprain & we were free to go as soon as they got him some crutches & a brace to put on his ankle. Husband has since seen his Orthopedic doctor & it’s just a bad sprain. He’s off of the crutches. Limping a bit, but who didn’t expect that?!

Oh! Tuesday I had a shower at my office. It was fantastic! Phillies/baseball themed. The food was ballpark food – hot dogs, Philly style soft pretzels, peanuts & Cracker Jacks. Again I was astonished at the generosity of people!

Nothing else super interesting. Sunday marked 36 weeks of being pregnant [really?!]. As of July 6, I will be 37 weeks & considered full term. Doctors appointments are every week now & seem to be going smoothly. The doctor I saw last week seems to be on board with the Hypnobirthing thing & said that the only real downside she saw was that I’m delivering at the hospital & they don’t have tubs that I could sit in if that’s what I needed to relax. I didn’t tell her that I plan on laboring at home for as long as possible [assuming that my Group B Strep test comes back negative & I don’t need an antibiotic IV], but I did tell her that so far the breathing seems to be working just fine for me even if I’m not in a tub. So all’s well there.

Okay, back to writing Thank You notes. It’s time consuming, but I can’t complain because … why would you complain when people are so sweet?! I’ll leave you with a picture of me in one of my shower gifts from Husband’s mom. It says “Phillies Future Fan.” I promise, I haven’t written a letter correcting the spelling. 😉


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