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I’ve noticed something about my son lately – he really, really likes music. And he’s picky about the music that he’ll tolerate me listening to when we’re in the car together. For instance, last week I was listening to something Husband had left in the CD player. Butter wasn’t having it. Pop in a Rob Thomas CD? Baby stops wailing. I talked with a friend this week – apparently the song Her Diamonds is like crack when it comes to calming down kids who are cranky in the car.

Among other music my son will dance to – Justin Timberlake, Punchline [he adores Punchline], any Sesame Street song you put on, Green Day, Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants & others. We only discovered the Justin love today. I recorded Saturday Night Live last night because I hadn’t seen the Single Ladies skit with Paul Rudd, Beyoncé, Andy Samberg, Bobby Moyinahn & Justin Timberlake. If you haven’t seen it, click here & watch. It’s worth it the five minutes. As I was fast forwarding through the show to watch that skit, I realized that this was the episode that had Justin hosting an episode all on Weekend Update on, so I stopped to watch it. At the end, he gets up & sings the first part of SexyBack. Butter started dancing. I had to test the theory, so I rewound. Butter started dancing again. He also danced during the music parts of the Single Ladies skit, so apparently Beyoncé is okay too. Last week when we were in New York, Husband’s mom texted me that Butter was dancing to Lonely No More as she watched the Today show. [Yes, I plan to write about our trip.]

It’s not just dancing. He likes to try to sing along, too. Last week it was an Offspring song. He constantly makes noise along with Punchline songs & I swear that sometimes he’s actually singing a pretty good harmony. He once stopped, in the middle of playing & telling me something, to lay down on his tummy & watch Green Day play a song on TV. My son, the ham. My wonderful, free entertainment. 🙂

He’d just taken a break from banging on the blue thing in the middle there to smile at me.

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  1. Aw! That's so cute! Especially that he sings along. Time for a video 😉 Alex is picky about his music, too. He currently loves Pink, which just cracks me up. He shakes his little booty and asks for more when the song ends!

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