A Year in the Life

Please, bear with me. I’ve been working on this post for over a week. So if it’s sporadic and doesn’t flow well, that’s why.

A little over a year ago, I finally decided to listen to advice from one of my favorite bloggers. It took me well over a year from the time I saw her post about her presentation at Pittsburgh PodCamp to start doing as she suggested and writing more often. Writing for me. Writing for my kids. [As Michelle said, this is so much better than a baby book in the grand scheme of things.] Writing out the fears of being diagnosed with Moyamoya.

It’s been a crazy year, but well worth it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told M, “I have to blog tonight or I’m going to break my streak.” Nor can I tell you how many times he’s said to me, “You have to post that!” [Actually, he’s in the process of writing a guest post for later this week.] or “You can tell this story, but please don’t mention this, this, and this.” And that’s okay with me. This is not only for me, it’s for him as well.

I’ve learned a lot in the past year plus. I like to think my writing has improved. I like to think people actually care about things I have to say. Is that true? I don’t know, but in the end, all of that doesn’t matter. I write this for me, for my husband, for my kids, and for family who doesn’t live here. So where do I see myself going with this corner of the internet? I honestly don’t know. I’ve seen people who had no interest in blogging get PR deals/sponsors to blogging conferences/etc. I don’t know if I want to do that. I don’t necessarily think it’s selling out, but I think I’d have to think about something like that long and hard. I like posting random pictures because they mean something to me. And thankfully now that I’m using a web site instead of tinypic I can keep those photos for the most part. Need I remind you of the hard drive issue?

I kind of thought this was going to be a lot more poetic. But then, I think this applies.

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What, you thought I posted without a filter on here? Come on, I do have some boundaries!


3 Replies to “A Year in the Life”

  1. I have found that some of my least-filtered, most-honest posts, the ones that scare me the most to write, get the highest amount of feedback. It’s harder now that I know that my family has found my blog, and that is partially why i’ve taken a break again, but it’s weird to know your parents are “reading your diary,” so to speak.

    Keep writing 🙂

  2. Definitely keep writing. I look forward to your posts daily, makes me feel like I’m not quite so far away. <3 ya

  3. Please keep writing. Like Shannon, I look forward to your posts everyday, because as she said, “I feel like I’m not so far away.”

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