Today, You Are Four.

Happy Birthday, Butter.

It’s so hard to believe four years ago, you’d just been born. Your Pop and I [and the rest of our family] could not be more proud of the boy you are today.

Oh, the things you can do, baby boy! You play so well with Little Bear. I know he looks up to you and you’re his hero in just about everything. He wants to do everything his big brother does and no one better help him, unless it’s you. You shock us every day with the things you’ve learned and the things you can do. You can read and have been doing so for a while. Even if you don’t say the right words, you try your hardest to sound them out.

You love playing games on our phones. Your favorite TV show is Doc McStuffins, but you’re also pretty partial to Jake & the Neverland Pirates. You can write your name and all of your letters, but you’re struggling with your numbers. That’s okay, though, because you picked out an awesome number book not too long ago. I think books, Legos, and Play-Doh are pretty much your favorite things ever.

You start school in a little over a month, and I’m worried you’re going to have a hard time with it. I know you’ll do well despite my fears.

You’re getting so big, buddy. We love you. Let’s see what four brings you, because you’re already telling people you’re going to be five soon!

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