I turned thirty on Monday.

And I don’t feel any different. My husband keeps reiterating that this is the best decade of my life.

Nothing has really changed. I didn’t wake up & magically feel like an adult. (Please, don’t tell me I’m the only person who feels like a kid playing grown up most days.) I did actually notice the lines around my eyes. And the horrible bags on Tuesday. But those might be from working too much & sleeping too little.

I mean, other than entering my fourth decade of life (do the math), nothing feels different. Is it supposed to? Was I supposed to wake up a new person or with a new perspective? Because I didn’t. In fact, I think most days I probably feel way older than my age. I’ve been through a heck of a lot, my FAMILY has been through a heck of a lot, in just the past five years.

Maybe what I’m trying to articulate (poorly) is that I’m looking forward to a quiet decade. That would be nice. I’d like to add more money to my 401k (WHEN DID I BECOME OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A 401k!?). Maybe remodel our kitchen or bathroom eventually. Read some more books, hang out with my kids, go on a vacation with my husband.

And I’d love to nominate myself for oldest 30 year old ever. Can I do that?

It was a good day, though. I worked & took Butter to karate & we had dinner at Hibachi.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

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