Happy Birthday, Little Bear!

Last year, I scheduled this post. Little did I know, that day I would deliver my second, precious baby boy.

On November 18, I posted this.

Finally, on November 19, I posted about your birth day, Little Bear. On November 29, I finally posted a picture of you on the blog.

You’ve come so far in in the past year. The first twenty days of your life were stressful, but you gave me the most amazing gift on Thanksgiving Day. For the first time in a over a week, I was able to hold you. Until the end of my days, I will hold that as the best Thanksgiving Day ever.

From the very first day you arrived, you made sure we were going to do things on your terms. Little Bear, we were so grateful you chose to stay with us. I never knew how close you’d come to leaving us, and for that, I’m grateful to your Pop. I don’t know whether I could have handled that.

In the past year, you’ve grown from 8lbs, 3oz to just over 25lbs. You’ve grown so big. You have eight teeth and your molars are coming in, you stand on your own [though you really don’t want to admit it], and you’re cruising all over the place. I can’t wait until you start walking. Things will get so much more fun when you start walking.

You love to play with your big brother. He’s definitely your hero. You want to do everything he does, and he’s so patient with you. Your eyes light up when you see your Pop, and you’re definitely a Mama’s Bear.

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you, baby.

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