Happy Birthday, Butter

It’s hard to believe you’re three today, Butter.

I have such a hard time knowing you’ve gone from this:

To this:

To this:  And now, look at you:
Slow down, baby boy. I committed the worst Mommy sin – I blinked and you’re where you are today.

Butter, you amaze me every day. Friday when we were driving to get Little Bear from Grandmom and Pop Pop’s house, you floored me when you said, “Mama, I gotta tell you! Dat says ‘Jeep!'”

You love to learn. When you woke up one morning and the first thing you did was request to go to the bookstore, well, I just couldn’t deny you. We got Pop up, and we went to the store. You picked out a few books that you are determined to learn how to read.

You know your shapes, can count to twenty, and can recite your ABCs two ways [standard, and the special way Alpha Pig says them]. You looooove your little brother [even though sometimes you don’t like sharing with him]. My favorite thing you say is, “Mommy, you’re my best girl.” You’re pretty fearless when it comes to people, and will walk up to them, tell them your name, then introduce everyone else in the room to them.

You love to talk on the phone. It may not have been such a  brilliant idea teaching you Pop’s phone number because sometimes you call him when he’s at work. You recently left him two voice mails that I know he’ll never delete, though. You love your VReader [thanks, Gigi!] and playing Angry Birds.

You can swim the entire length of the pool you take lessons in by yourself and even though you say you don’t want to go sometimes, you’re always so happy when you get there. Your favorite TV show [other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course] is Wipeout! In the rare event you get to stay up and watch it all, you know bedtime is right after.

You’re potty trained, and we’re so proud of you every time you either take off for the powder room or tell us you need to go. You love to play on computers, and you’re [usually] very polite when you want to play. Grandmom taught you how to turn off the computer at her house and you do it without [much] complaining when it’s time to stop playing.

You love to tell us you can do things “all by myself!” You can dress yourself now. You’ve got amazing manners for a three year old. You say ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘may I?’ You tell people either ‘Bless you’ or  ‘Gesundheit’ when they sneeze. You love playing in your ‘sand castle’ at Grandmom and Pop Pop’s house, and you love swimming in your pool [thank you, Poppy] at home. You love baseball – especially the Phillies – and the ‘Natic. You know exactly which playground you want to go to, and you’re not shy about telling us.

Butter, you’re an awesome little boy. You make us laugh every day. And we couldn’t imagine life without you in it.

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Butter”

  1. Happy Birthday Butter!!!

    Sounds like you’re raising quite the gentleman. He’ll be a different kind of Phillies fan, maybe it will rub off on some people at the stadium.

  2. Happy Birthday Butter! He is too darn cute. Hope you all had fun celebrating. You are so right how fast time goes and that we just can’t blink.

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