There Is a Point When You Start Twitching

That point has come for me.

Between not having my laptop, being anxious for a book I really want to read to come out, looking for work, and just generally living life with two small boys and a husband? I’m twitching.

I’m trying to keep busy with doing stuff for other people. I’m looking for a job. I’ve volunteered twice at the Wilmington Blue Rocks. I am helping my MIL out with office work when I can. I’m reading far too many books in all that free time I pretend to have. [I set a goal to read 50 this year. We’re 18 weeks into the year and I’ve read 37 books.]  I’m trying to get back in to running [yeah, someone kick my rear about that, please]. There are other things that aren’t quite fit for the internet which I am dealing with, and they make me being twitchy look like a blip on the radar.

I feel like I’m slowly going insane, mostly because there are things I wanted to do this year that I’m not working on. That doesn’t make sense. Theoretically, I have all this time on my hands right? So why do I feel so much busier than when I was a working mom?

At what point will I feel like I’m not about to break at the slightest extra pressure? And what can I do to release some of the stress I have? Please, help me out here. Because I don’t know how much more of this crazy I can take.

And anyway, the only twitching I like to feel right now is from my left eyebrow. May I please have the ability to lift it again?

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