I’m . . . Sad.

I’m epically upset right now.

It seems like I’ve gotten a virus on my laptop. Right now, I can’t find any pictures of the boys. However, when I ran a scan last night [and subsequently found and deleted a trojan], I saw the program looking through my pictures files. And when I open something in Word, even though it’s not in the folder it’s supposed to be in, it opens.

So I don’t think my files are actually gone. More like . . . misplaced.

If I’ve lost my pictures of the kids? I’m going to sob a lot harder than I did last night when I discovered that they were missing.

I don’t know what happened. I never download anything. I rarely visit sites that have been known to send viruses out in the past. We’re talking less than once every six months or so.

I’m heartbroken right now.

If anyone knows what Catalyst Control Center is and can tell me why it would have stopped working, I’d appreciate it. All I know is I need to call Costco this weekend [that’s where my laptop is from] and see if their Concierge Service can help me.

Fingers crossed?

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  1. Oh my, I guess a stupid question is, did you have a backup? Have you clicked on facebook links or videos. Facebook is horrible for given viruses. So sorry…..hope you’re able to figure it out and salvage the pics.


    1. The only real backup I have for the pictures – I think – is that they might be on my old laptop still. I don’t know if they transferred over or were just copied. Next thing, I guess, would be to plug that dinosaur in and see if that’s the case.

  2. Have you tried booting into safe mode and searching for them that way?

    If you hit F8 while your computer is booting it will give you the option to do so. 99% of the time Safe Mode keeps your virus from loading, so you will be able to search for the pictures. Now, a lot of normal functions are blocked in Safe Mode (that’s why it’s safe, it’s only the essentials), but you can search through your files at least.

    Good luck and I really hope you haven’t lost anything. I’d be crushed.

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