Craigslist Lesson: Learned

I learned a really big lesson yesterday. I need to stand my ground.

On Sunday, I went looking for a toddler bed on Craigslist. I found what I thought was a fantastic deal, so I e-mailed the lady about it around 8:30 in the morning. She was offering a really beautiful bed for $65, and if I wanted the mattress that went along with it, she wanted $85. I didn’t hear back from her until around 5:30, and she said she had someone who had e-mailed her first, but sometimes people don’t show up.

I heard from her yesterday around 3:30 asking me if I’d be available for pick up later in the afternoon. She called while I was doing laundry, and when I returned her call she told me she’d wanted $85 for the bed and a dresser (there was no mention of a dresser in the initial post), and $115 if I wanted the mattress. I figured she just misquoted herself and M and I went to pick the bed up around 5:15.

We definitely didn’t want the dresser, and we got the bed loaded (sans mattress) before M handed the cash over.

What we should have done was discuss the price with her before we ever started loading it. When we decided not to take the dresser or mattress, the price was still $85. She said she could give us the bed for $75, because she had people offering her $115+ for the entire set.

What we should have done is said, “That’s great. You should definitely take the higher offer. Can your boyfriend help M unload this?” (He’d helped M load, because hello, 30 weeks pregnant.”)

What I should have done is walk away from the deal before we ever even drove down there when the price mysteriously changed.

What we did is pay $80 for the bed and drive it home. M says he’s going to work on cleaning up the bed tomorrow. We’ve talked about maybe relisting it when it’s cleaned up and put together. What we learned is that we should discuss the price of the item before we decide to actually drive away with it, and we should probably request pictures of the actual object in question instead of just an example.

I just want to point out that I’ve never had this kind of issue with Craigslist before. I bought a large portion of my cloth diapers stash from there, and had nothing but excellent experiences. This was a hard lesson, but one we definitely needed to learn.

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