1. What’s your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult? I’ve always been a fruit person. I love dried apricots.

2. What food will you not eat the low fat version of? I have no idea. I even asked M. I mean, I only eat one kind of ketchup (Heinz). But that’s not a low fat version of something else, so.

3. What’s your favorite way to cool off during the summer? Swimming is always good. Lately I’ve been playing in the sprinkler with Butter.

4. What’s your favorite summer read? Once upon a time, I read Gone With the Wind every summer. I still have my original copy of it downstairs. It’s been a while since I’ve read it, though. I should do that this year.

5. What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat? Hide inside. Our air conditioner isn’t working overtime yet. I do not like that this is going to be a stupid hot summer.

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