5 Question Friday

1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V? If my reaction to finding out I was pregnant with Little Bear is any indication, I’d probably fall apart, especially given I’ve had the equivalent done.

2. Best memory about this summer so far. It technically happened in the spring, but planting my first garden. Having dinner on our deck for the first time is up there, too.

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets? We shoot for once a week. Doesn’t always happen. Butter & Little Bear are changed more frequently due to overnight accidents [there have been so few that I can’t complain] and excessive drool.

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down? If given the choice, I’d go for the scanner.

5. Since it is fair time…what’s your favorite fair (county or state) memory? I can’t remember the last time I went to a fair. Isn’t that awful?

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