The One Where I Shake My Head in Disbelief

Yesterday, I saw an article about how Johnson & Johnson products have cancer causing materials in them.

Run! Hide your kids! [Hide your wife! Ba-dum-ching.]

I asked twitter why I’m supposed to use a J&J product prior to my brain surgery if it’s so bad for people.

This was the response I got.

I should point out two things. 1) I was joking when I asked that question, and 2) The person who @ replied me doesn’t even follow me.

This is why I hate twitter some times.

It can be a really great tool. I mean, it broke the news of Osama bin Laden being dead before the President got a chance to tell the country. It can also tell you where your favorite celebrity is if you know how to use the search feature properly. I get traffic updates from our local traffic guy, @dbctfx. Half the time, asking twitter guarantees me an answer faster than Googling something.

It can also be used to spout unwanted opinions. This person doesn’t even follow me. S/he was probably doing a search for mentions of Johnson & Johnson, saw my tweet, and without any other information decided to tell me all about how the chemicals in Johnson & Johnson are at fault for my upcoming surgery.

Do we use a ton of J&J products in our house? No, not really. I have a ton of them though. We do use the shampoo sometimes. But the fact is, both of my kids have sensitive skin and we’ve found other things that work better for our family. I use the shampoo sometimes when I feel like I need a change from what I use daily. I like baby shampoo. It makes my hair super soft. But no, I don’t use it all the time.

I was asked to use it before my surgery on Tuesday, and I will. Because doesn’t my doctor ultimately know what’s best for me? Or what will help the process go more smoothly?

Right. I thought so.

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