Favorite Tweets, Round #1

I’ll admit I borrowed this idea from jayesel. [But I totally asked her permission first!]

jayesel (blog) today’s preschooler entertainment sponsored by the letters T and V. newborn entertainment sponsored by the letter B. for ‘boobs’, of course. 12:25 PM Oct 7th

burghbaby (blog) A real quick way to irritate an IT guy is to tell him you just spilled tomato soup on your keyboard. Try it! It’s fun! 2:35 PM Oct 7th

TheNextMartha (blog) Dear Mother Nature, we here on earth use Midol. Try it. 1:20 PM Oct 25th

BurghPotPie (blog) PSA: We didn’t get married so we could have non-bastard babies. We got married for the Kitchenaid. STOP ASKING WHEN WE’RE HAVING A BABY. 12:13 PM Oct 27th

Bgniko RT @MamaPhan 35 weeks. 33 days to go. http://twitpic.com/31bxlh ( comparing your belly to mine, I guess I’m just about due also! Hahah!) 12:53 PM Oct 27th

BurghPotPie Dog status: has hiccups; confused by them. 4:27 PM Oct 27th

BurghPotPie Cat status: aloof. 4:27 PM Oct 27th

AllisonB (blog) There is no way I have Patience × (MONTHS DATING ×10) for this gaming nonsense. http://bit.ly/drNk8y (Happy 8 years, gaming @zach 😉 ) 12:52 PM Oct 28th


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