Home at Last.

I had a fantastic time in Nashville.

I arrived Thursday [early, which is weird for pushing away from the gate late in Philly] and had to wait a few minute for Rachel to come and get me. I didn’t mind. We went to eat Mexican for dinner, then she took me to a place called Red Door East. She says there’s a skeleton in the floor because it used to be a funeral home, but I didn’t want to get down on the floor and look. I’m totally afraid of being “had.”

Friday was a really chill day. I got my hair lopped off. Maybe I’ll have a picture of that later this week, but I definitely love it. We saw a show at 3rd & Lindsley that night. Two things about that venue? It’s a great place to see a show, and the artists we saw were fantastic.

Saturday, we hit Taste of Music City. NOM.

There’s a story in there about how I almost didn’t get on the plane to fly back to Raleigh, but that’s for another day.

I had a great time and a camera that Butter got a hold of when his little brother was born. It honestly hasn’t worked right since. I’m thinking a new one is in my future….

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