Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I cannot believe it’s Christmas Eve.

I’m taking a break from cleaning to write this post. I think I need a break from my brain, to be honest.

Here goes. I wish I were more elegant in writing these.

5. Butter often goes to the basement of his grandparents’ house to play. One day, my mother in law was doing something away from the family room down there when she heard, “Help! Grandmom! Help me!” Butter was in the Ab Lounger and he’d turned himself upside down. She said his face was pretty red, so he’d been that way for a while!

4. This was in last week’s post, but M finally heard Butter say, “I’ve got a great big S head!” He lost it. Apparently hearing about it and actually hearing it are two completely separate things.

3. At dinner the other night, M gave Butter an instruction about drinking or eating his food. Butter looked at M and asked, “What did you say?” in the most hilarious tone. We all giggled, including Little Bear.

2. Wednesday morning, we had a photographer at our house for a few pictures for that thing I did last week. [Tuesday, folks. I promise.] Butter is obsessed with cameras and kept asking to see the photos. When the photographer was done, he asked our names and ages. Butter interrupted me to spell out his name and inform us all he was “three, but I’ll be four soon!”

1. Last night, my dear friend Juli and her family invited us all over for dinner. After we’d sat down, we were trying to decide who was going to say grace. Juli asked Little Bear if he wanted to say it, and as if on perfect cue, Little Bear started shaking his head. He did it even harder when we all laughed at him!



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  1. I love your laughs- Every week, I look forward to reading them! Oh no, with turning himself around! I love the way they talk to each other. I love #2- and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Merry Christmas!!

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