Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

It’s been a few weeks since I did one of these, and almost everything I’m going to talk about happened today.

M’s school doesn’t do reunions. Instead, each year they invite their alumni to come home for homecoming. That happened to be today, and I signed us up months ago for the bar-be-que. We had our choice of a couple of games to go to; either we could go early and see the soccer team, or we could go later and watch football. I asked Butter what he wanted to see and he chose soccer.

So we left around noon and headed to the school. We made our way to the soccer field where, after about 15 minutes, Butter declared he wanted a water break. I took that to mean he was hungry, so we headed for the tent. M was pushing LB in the stroller, and we made a game of going back down to the road that headed toward the tent and the football field. Butter raced his Pop and brother. When Pop told Butter that we did a great job of “beating” them in the race, he smiled and said, “Yeah, we’re pretty swell.”

Tonight at dinner, we had taco salad/nachos. It’s almost always a big hit with the boys, and this was no exception. At one point, Butter said thank you for something, and we told him how proud we were of him for saying it without needing to be reminded. With his face as serious as it could get, he told us, “I’m pretty smart.”

M took Butter on errands this afternoon. It was nice for me, because while LB was napping, I was able to get some work done on the blanket I’m making for him. I was still working on one of the squares when he woke up. When I picked it up about 20 minutes after I brought him downstairs, he got kind of mad at me for not paying strict attention to him. One of his favorite things to do is bring us blankets and call them by name, so I told him I was making a blanket for Bear. He got the biggest grin on his face and walked away from me to play with his trains.

Like I said before, M’s homecoming was today. As we were signing in at the alumni tent, I grabbed Butter’s arm so one of the women there could put on his bracelet that allowed us to eat lunch. I think she got a little teary when she noticed I was wearing M’s class ring. M said later he thought it made her day to see me wearing it.

After we were leaving lunch, we headed over to the football field. Butter kept ranting about he doesn’t like football. Not five minutes later, he was up on the bleachers making friends with one of the parents and telling her all about how he wants to go to his Pop’s school one day. Then he didn’t want to leave!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!


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