Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Is it really June already?

I don’t feel like that’s even possible.

I kept great track of the things that made me laugh this week. Most of them, M was present for, too.

1. We were playing the quiet game the other night because Butter gets in these moods where he just. doesn’t. stop. talking. After the third or fourth round of Butter losing [to me!], Butter whispered to M right after we started, “Pop. I’m not going to talk.”

2. On Wednesday morning, as we were getting ready to get out the door, Butter started singing Barbara Ann. I told him the right words, and he disagreed with me. He told me, “No, Mommy. I’ll teach you the words! Ba, ba, ba, ba, barberay!”

3. We listen to a lot of the Jake & the Neverland Pirates¬†soundtrack in the car. When Butter asked to listen to it again for the fourth time this week, I explained to him that I was kind of tired of listening to Jake and we should listen to something else. He told me that if I got enough sleep, I wouldn’t be tired anymore. That went in a list of things I immediately sent to M via text.

4. Last night, Butter was insistent that he get ice cream after dinner. He got in Little Bear’s face at one point and asked if he wanted “iiiiiicccccceeeeee creeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmm.” Little Bear blew a raspberry in Butter’s face and giggled.

5. This morning, M slept in and I made pancakes for the boys. After they ate, they were running around in the living room chasing each other and cracking each other up. M said he heard them laughing all the way upstairs. I love that they’re starting to play together so well.


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  1. Haha- pop I am not going to talk! I love that he said if you slept enough, you wouldn’t be tired. I would have cracked up! That is so cute that they are starting to play together. Precious!!

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