Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Fantastic week this week.

5. The boys stayed with their grandparents on Thursday night. When we got home on Friday, Butter thanked me for picking his toys up. Shocking, considering I think he picked the majority of them up on Thursday morning.

4. Last night after watching one last episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I asked Butter what time it was. He promptly shouted, “BEDTIME!”

3. LB has decided the steps are his new favorite thing ever. Last Sunday, M went upstairs to get a shower before church. We have the stairs blocked with a gate [because obviously we don’t want him climbing them without supervision] and after M went up the stairs, LB stood there and cried. I thought he wanted to be able to play on the stairs, so I moved the gate to the top of the landing. LB climbed up there and and stood at the gate crying again. Guess who followed the baby up the stairs?

2. Last night, the boys were playing together. Butter fell off of the clothes basket he was playing on. Little Bear laughed so hard he snorted. I didn’t know it was possible for an 11 month old to snort.

1. The other night at dinner, Butter started singing Bingo. Then he started to sing it as “woof woof woof . . . ” Little Bear thought it was the funniest thing ever. When Butter realized LB was laughing because of what he was doing, he got louder with his singing, and he couldn’t stop giggling while he was doing it.

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  1. Adorable! Your kids sound hysterical! I love the one with him snorting. And I wish my kid would say bedtime. Lucky. Thanks for linking up. Very cute!

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