Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Things are a little crazy around here right now. Because of my computer issues, I’m using either M’s lap top or the computer in his office. Needless to say, I haven’t found much this amusing this week, so I’ve only got two really good ones.

On Thursday after M got home, we were talking while Butter was eating an apple. Suddenly, M grabbed his head and said, “Ow! That hurt!” then looked down at the floor, where Butter’s apple was rolling around. [I’m still laughing ¬†as I’m typing this, and I’m not even sorry.] Turns out Butter was angry his Pop wasn’t paying attention to him, so he threw the apple at Pop’s head. The entire time M was trying to discipline Butter, I hid my face in a pillow and cracked up. By the end of the confrontation [when M had said, “You do not throw produce at someone’s head!”] I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

The second happened today. When LB went down for his nap, I started cleaning the catch all in our front hallway. It’s a really pretty shelving unit that actually does a great job of displaying photos and¬†mementos, but has recently become a dumping ground for “stuff.” After LB woke up, I worked on it a little more before M came home. I finally sat down about 5 minutes before M walked in the door and started to catch up on the DVR [I’ve been trying to watch the same documentary about the Titanic for nearly a week]. LB loves books. Especially the “Baby’s First Words” books where he can point to a picture and ask us, “Dat!” He was standing next to where I was sitting, happily going through one of his books . [Dat! Dat! Dat!] I looked away for a second to watch something on the TV and he started hitting my leg until I looked at his book. He wanted to make sure I was paying attention to him.


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