Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This post always goes so much better when I keep track of things that make me laugh throughout the week.

5. Butter was very cranky Monday morning, so after he got dressed, Pop laid him down on the couch to rest some more. LB and I were playing a game where we look at family photos and ask him where each person is. Butter said, “Keep that noise down, I have to rest!”

4. On the way to dinner one night, while M & I were talking in the front seat, Butter yelled, “GUYS! I need attention!”

3. At dinner that same night [a local Mexican restaurant], we discovered two things. The first is Little Bear has successfully figured out how to drink through a straw. The second is that he loves horchata. Loves. M joked that next time, we should just order one pitcher for LB, one for Butter, and one for the two of us to split.

2. We had dinner with my in laws and some friends on Thursday night. Butter kept asking for things he knows he isn’t allowed to have, and getting under foot in the kitchen. He told me, “I’m very frustrated!” Guess me saying that to him when he asks what’s wrong has rubbed off. Whoops.

1. I showed Butter a slide show I made. He can read a bit now, so at the end, he said, “Facebook photos. Thank you!” He read what was on the screen.

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2 Replies to “Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs”

  1. I loved “Guys I need attention.” That was precious. I found you over on the blog hop. I love doing the top five laughs. It so much fun.

  2. Haha- keep that noise down. Love it! Haha- guys I need attention. So funny! You were probably hysterical. I love what comes out of his mouth- you must be hysterical! Love your laughs:)

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