Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Glad to be back after taking last week off for a fantastic day with friends and family and the most amazing support I’ve ever seen.

It’s been a much better week this week, despite having the sickies going around. On to the giggles!

5. Monday night, LB made his Pop so proud. He lifted his little leg and let a big one rip.

4. Little Bear kept me up Monday night into Tuesday morning, so I was trying to catch a cat nap on the sofa while the boys watched a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I sent M a text pretty quickly after my ten minute nap. It read, “Sorry I put my cold feet on you at night. It’s irritating. Butter just did it to me and woke me up.”

3. On Thursday, I saw something on twitter that made me want to record Jimmy Fallon. M was downstairs and I was trying to get some rest [three guesses as to who is the only one in our house still sick!], so I sent him a text. The conversation went as follows.

Please record Jimmy Fallon for me tonight.
I’m tired. Didn’t feel like coming downstairs to ask. Sorry. Feel free to use this as ammo in the future.
Happy to.

2. Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store for milk. I cracked up when I parked the car because sitting next to me was a car with The Club locked on to the steering wheel. I wasn’t aware those were even sold any more, let alone used!

1. Finally, this morning, Butter came upstairs and begged me to go out and play in the snow. Mind you, I was just waking up and getting out of the shower, but I had no problem with it. I bundled him up, and M looks to me and deadpans, “I can’t put my arms down.” He swore I shouldn’t know what he was talking about, but I did. Silly man. I have photos, but I  hid the camera from Butter earlier, perhaps a little too well. Whoops!


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  1. Too funny with letting one rip. Daddy must have been proud-lol:) The club- I didn’t know those were sold either. I wonder where one buy them these days! #1 cracks me up! Thanks for making me laugh each week!

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