Shhhh. Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet. We’re Potty Training.

Friday night when M and I arrived at his parents’ house for dinner, I was informed that Butter was wearing “UNDAWEAR!” He loves it. He made it through all of dinner without an accident, but we diapered him for the ride home because it was late and we were going to put him right to bed when we got here anyway.

So Saturday came around, and I decided [okay, M and I decided] to put Butter in underwear again and just see how the flow of the day went. He didn’t have a single accident. Sunday was a little worse for the wear with two accidents, but one of them M and I are each blaming on ourselves. But! Butter made it through an entire two hour trip to a restaurant without any issues [aside from that whole thing where Pop took him to the restroom twice and Butter insisted he wanted to go in the ‘W’ room. Grandma and I each took him once as well.]

Yesterday was even better [M was home with Butter all day]. The only time we diapered was when we went to a United Way fundraiser at Dover Downs [and nap time] and then only because we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get his costume off of him.

He’s doing well with this.

I fully expect some kind of regression once Baby Boy comes along, but I feel like because I know, I’m better prepared for it. I know there will be other changes as well, but again, I’m prepared. And maybe, I might get lucky and have one of those kids who doesn’t regress all that much.

Hey. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little hope, is there?

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