You Know What Would Be Amazing?

Breathing through my nose.

Not coughing.

Not having that wretched stomach bug everyone seems to be getting.

Our house? Has been sick for more than two weeks. Longer, if you consider LB has had an ear infection since November.

First Butter had a cold, which he kindly shared with his brother. LB shared it with me. M escaped unscathed.

Then Butter got the stomach virus. When he shared with myself and FIL. M and MIL had symptoms, but weren’t as bad off as Butter, who was not as bad off as FIL and me, who seemed to catch the worst of it. LB seems to have escaped that one.

Then Butter’s nose started running off of his face, and he started coughing. He kindly shared that with his brother and me.

You know the phrase “Sick and tired of being sick and tired?” Yeah. That.

I think I’d give my right arm to be healthy again. Also awesome? I can’t take decongestants because of the Moyamoya, so I’m basically a walking sneeze, cough, sore throat until I can take NyQuil and pass out in the relative comfort of my bed, where I wake up no less than twenty times to blow my nose. [Totally happened last night, which is a shame because we were kid free and I was so¬†looking forward to a solid night of sleep.]

One of these days we’ll be better, right?


Please, tell me I’m right about this.

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