My Inner Cheapy Humbly Requests Your Help

I’m looking for ways to save money.

I’m always looking for ways to save money, but right now? I’m looking for ways to save money.

I tried my hand at making laundry detergent today. [Thank you, BurghBaby.] It kind of clumped up in the dispenser, so I’m going to try a liquid version 3Weasels suggested.

I am not opposed to making my own “stuff.” What are your favorite homemade things?

We use a lot of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, but I could use good recipes for mixtures.

Seriously, people. I need help.

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  1. For me, especially when it comes to cleaning products, it was amazing how much stuff I thought I needed but really don’t need at all. Like a specific cleaner, detergent, or product for every.single.thing.

    For fabric softener and dryer sheets most of the time we can just go without and on the rare occasion things get crazy static-y I use a DIY ‘dryer sheet.’ Soak a rag in fabric softener, let it dry, and it becomes a reusable dryer sheet that’s good for about 40 loads in the dryer. If I feel like I want to freshen up laundry I put dried lavender in a thin cloth bag and throw it in the dryer. The laundry comes out with a nice, natural smell and the dryer bag is reusable.

    Also, if you’re interested, there’s this great blog: that has a lot of good information about cutting down on the amount of stuff you buy. It’s oddly liberating. Good luck!

  2. I make my own deodorant and I love it. I always shop at the thrift store or a secondhand shop for clothes and toys. I buy nothing new if I can help it. If you have a Thrift Town and a Kid to Kid in your city you can find all you need. Of course stay up on the local sales your grocery stores run (Albertson’s here has buy one get two free pork chops and steaks every 2 weeks, yeah!). I also keep allll the plasticware anything comes in. Yogurt and Cool Whip make good leftover containers and soup from the Chinese place for Tupperware. Jars, of course too. Bake and dry clothes at night when the heater needs the help. I do everything I can.

  3. Check out what Melaluca offers… know that is what I use and you LOVE their dishwashing detergent. their stuff is ver consenttated and you use very litte….therefore it lasts a long time. You can add to my order and not need to get your own account or make monthly minimums. I’ve not placed my Feb order yet

  4. In regards to laundry, we bought “dryer balls” and just leave them in the dryer rather than using sheets. Erin bought them off Etsy, but they’re just wool yarn made into a ball. A batch of 3 and you’re good to go for pretty much ever.

    We cut our cable a while back and watch stuff either on the network’s website or Hulu. I even stream sporting events (though I did spring for

    We make our own yogurt and bread and granola.

    We menu plan for the week to avoid buying unnecessary groceries.

    We check out DVDs from the library rather than renting/buying them.

    I cancelled my gym membership and bought a home gym off of Craigslist for $400, or roughly 15 months of gym membership

    We asked for Children’s Museum and Zoo memberships for our Isaac for Christmas rather than toys/other random crap that would fill up the house.

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