There are a little over four weeks to go until I run the Phillies 5k, and let me tell you, being out for two weeks thanks to the plague & being jinxed definitely hasn’t been helping my cause.

I slacked so much this week. Well, I take that back. On Monday, I repeated week 1, day 1 of C25K, which has been my habit when I have days where I just want to get a run in, but don’t want to be kept to the constraints of keeping to my “schedule.” I walked on Tuesday thanks to a headache, and repeated W3D2 on Wednesday.

Thursday through Sunday? Have not been kind to me.

I’ve been hemming & hawing about running because the past two weeks, because when I got on the treadmill, my legs ached so badly afterward I was actually up a couple of nights in a row for hours longer than I should have been. I recently subscribed to Runner’s World, and can I tell you it’s like that magazine just knows what I’m dealing with? The most recent article I read was about avoiding injury. I know I need to add strength into my training routine, and I’ve long suspected I needed new shoes.

Today I finally went & got them.

They. Feel. Like Air. I love them. And that problem I was having with my shins? I can’t say after one run that it’s a 100% fix, but when I hit the treadmill today, I had no issues. Maybe a few tweeks here & there, but I usually have that problem if I haven’t run in a few days. I was kind of expecting it.

I thought about going outside to run [it’s gorgeous today], but as I haven’t done that in I can’t remember how long, I decided against it. I didn’t want to throw new shoes & a new environment into the mess.

So I’m back on my training schedule, if you can call it that. I still want to stick with four time a week, but I know I have to push myself further on the “days” the C25K suggests. There’s no way I’m going to be ready otherwise.

But now? I feel like I have the right tools to do this.

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