The Case for Why Computers Should NOT Run the World

I’ve been listening to a lot of Spotify lately.

I usually put on something like Rob Thomas radio. Go ahead and judge my music taste if you will; I don’t care. Today, I chose to listen to Styx. We’re all aware I like Styx, right? This is where the amusing/computers shouldn’t run the world/really!? moment comes in. I chose to listen to Styx thinking I’d get a decent mix of old(er) tunes. I did, but while I was making dinner, I heard Journey’s song Faithfully. twenty minutes later, we heard Faithfully while we were eating dinner and it wasn’t even a different version.

The funny part was after that, I queued up one of Styx’s albums. M looked at me and said, “It went from no Styx, to all Styx. Weird.”

My husband clearly doesn’t understand how Spotify works. Still giggling over that one.

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