Ask Me [almost] Anything!

In an effort to find out who’s reading my blog, I’m opening myself up to questions.

Want to know how I met M? Have questions I haven’t answered about Moyamoya? [Okay, those ones, I’ll try to answer. If it forces me to do research, so much the better, because I want to know all about this disease.] How I manage in a house full of boys [because I’m totally convinced our plants are male, too]?

[almost] Nothing is taboo!

Ask away. I’ll post the answers in a few days.

2 Replies to “Ask Me [almost] Anything!”

  1. Since you started them- How did you meet M? What is your view on spanking? How do you manage two kids with the headaches- b/c I’m having a really hard time dealing with two kids and pain. What is your favorite color? Where is your favorite family vacation spot? Why don’t you live closer to me? 😛

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