It isn’t just the year I was born.

Or a book.

It’s actually a really cool place to go. M told me about it last week, and last night, we had the opportunity [thank you Grandmom & Pop Pop] to do so.

It is, to pilfer information liberally from their website, Wilmington’s first retro arcade. They have all kinds of beer. The list of games is pretty fantastic, and the best part is it only costs a quarter to play them. For the record, I only played Frogger twice. M managed to get the high score on that machine, though. And he swears he only got to level three. I don’t know, he was away for a while.

It was pretty dead when we arrived last night, but it was kind of nice, because we got to meet the owner and his wife. Chatted with them for a while, and the regular who was sitting at the other side of the bar. All incredibly sweet people, I might add. M and I sat and played Giant Connect Four a couple of times. The place is really amazing, and I’m looking forward to going back.

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