Have I Told You How Awesome My Friends Are?

Because they really, really are.

Last Sunday, my friend Juli threw me a baby shower. If you peruse the baby boards I read, you’ll find it’s definitely a bit taboo to have a shower for a second baby. When Juli started planning everything, my mother in law [who was awesome enough to open her home for the shower in the first place] said something along the lines of, “It’s their second baby,” Juli’s response was something like, “It’s the first one for us!” [I wasn’t friends with Juli when Butter was born, but man, I wish I had been.]

It was perfect. I mean that, Juli – It. Was. Perfect. There weren’t too many people [I get overwhelmed in very large crowds, especially when I’m growing another person], and the people who were there were some of the best people I know. Juli’s daughter ME was a big helper, as was my friend Jessica.¬†We got some amazing things for Baby Boy and several people also thought of Butter, which absolutely blew my mind.

I’ll admit I was in on it for a while. I really don’t like surprises which was thankfully, taken into consideration. All Juli asked was that I show up at my mother and father in law’s house at an appointed time on a specific date. She said M had to be there, and Butter should be as well. I told her I didn’t need to know what she was planning because knowing I wouldn’t be surprised by a crowd when I got there was enough for me. The more questions she asked, the better idea I got what she was doing. And I totally didn’t mind.

There were presents and cake and a pinata for the the kiddos. Juli [who hates cooking, by the way] made a ton of great food. Jessica helped with set up and clean up and I couldn’t be more grateful. My friend Shannon even came in from two hours away [at almost 21 weeks pregnant herself!] with her family for the party.

Never let me say I don’t have awesome people in my life. I totally do.

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