24 Weeks

Pregnancy: 24 weeks.

Weight Gain: 5 pounds. I’ve decided I’m no longer getting on the scale at home. It fluctuates too much for my liking.

Sleep: Better than last week, actually. I can finally breathe without needing to be propped up on a million pillows.

Gender: He’s definitely a boy.

Feeling: Surprisingly good for someone whose bladder is another person’s personal play thing.

Health: Blood pressure was up a little at my last appointment, but it wasn’t any worse than right at the beginning of my pregnancy. Doctor’s not worried, so I’m not worried. The heartburn I get from eating oh, EVERYTHING, can go away at any time, though.

Movement: He’s becoming more and more active, though I notice he’s still lazier than his brother was at this point.

BabyBoyPhan is now in possession of a Brand New Cloth Diaper that Butter may or may not be wearing as soon as I prep it. [In diaper language, this means it’ll be a while. I can’t see prepping one diaper. I just can’t.] And BabyLegs. I adore BabyLegs and am so looking forward to having them from the beginning of this baby’s life. They made diaper changes a snap when Butter was wearing them.

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