There are days when all I long for, all I want in this world, is just a little quiet, please.

Five minutes.

Even five seconds.

And it’s not often that it’s totally quiet around here. The boys are playing, M is talking to me about the truck or other miscellaneous things, a movie is on in the background. Mostly, it’s the boys playing & using the imaginations M feared they wouldn’t have because of the technology pushed on children at such a young age. Still, there are moments when my Mama heart just wants some peace & quiet.

But when I get that quiet? I miss the chaos, I miss the noise associated with having a house full of boys. I know I’m the quietest one in the house, and luckily, my husband understands my need for some solitude from time to time. I’m blessed with a man who gives me time to myself, who lets me sleep in when he knows I’ve had a rough day, who sometimes sends me out for a few hours to enjoy a different kind of chaos & noise. He sends me for pedicures, tells me to go & do what I want to do for an hour or so, & takes the boys when I’ve just had enough.

I’m a lucky girl. I hope I never forget that.

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