Blending Our Families

J & I have known each other for years.

We met ages ago, when I was working at a theme park & he was the [self proclaimed] weird kid who would come to the park as often as possible. I’m 1000% oblivious, so I never really ‘got’ that he had a crush on me back in those days, but to hear him tell it, I was the pretty girl he was obsessed with seeing when he’d come to the park for the day.

In 2017, we reconnected in a mutual interest chat room. I posted a selfie of myself & there was an onslaught of comments & questions. “Hey did you work at [theme park]? Yes? Do you remember me?”

Y’all, I’ve had two brain surgeries. I don’t remember much from before 2011. Just saying.

Anyway, when M & I made the call to split, I needed a place to live when I figured out I was moving to Virginia. I had offers from friends to stay with them much closer to my restaurant while I worked out my situation, but because I knew where I wanted to live since my mom had offered to take care of the boys, I chose a different direction. I chose to move into an apartment 45 minutes away from the restaurant.

J had been subtly pursuing me for months. We didn’t start dating casually until September 2018 & I absolutely thought it was too soon. But because I was thrown into an awkward situation when I brought the boys back home for the 2018-2019 school year, I decided to say, “Screw it.”

From the start, we said if our kids didn’t get along or agree to our relationship, it was a done deal. We both sat our kids down for a frank discussion. “I am choosing to date [name]. How do you feel about it? If you don’t care for them, this entire thing is off.”

Luckily, Butter, Bear, & Bonus Kid get along famously. BK adores me & my boys genuinely look up to J. They get into little spats sometimes, like all siblings do. I assumed incorrectly when I made the call about which one of my boys would be closer friends with BK, but they all play together really well & they’re a great team.

Anything I didn’t touch on? I know this seems super hastily thrown together, but it took me literal ages to write it because I wanted to word everything the right way.

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