The Threenager

You know, I thought people were joking when they referred to age three as threenager. Now? Not so much.

Because oh, we have one.

I have never seen more drama out of a human being in my life. And keep in mind I work with the youth at my church & was once a teenage girl.

Examples include flipping out because we wouldn’t let him wear his gloves in the house, screeching at the top of his lungs because he isn’t getting his way, and tantruming like a rock star. And my absolute, most favorite of all? The time he was happily eating a sandwich that had been cut in half until M sat down next to him with an uncut sandwich. Bear insisted that his sandwich be put back together NOW.

That led to a pretty amusing moment a few nights ago at dinner. M made chicken paninis. The boys were already at the table eating theirs & I asked him to cut mine. He cracked me up when he said, “Don’t you dare take an uncut sandwich near my child.” It’s funny because it’s true, people.

I wish I could get a picture of him in full on Threenager meltdown, because it’s absolutely hysterical. But as soon as I pull my phone out to snap a photo, he’s sweet as pie & wants to ham it up for the camera.

If you’ve survived Threenager status, what advice do you have? Because all I’ve got is to keep laughing.

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